Unlocking a New Era of Bathroom Safety and Accessibility with TubcuT® Conversion

December 14, 2023by Ariel Almeda0

Welcome to our blog! I’m Kristy Gaudin from A New Beginning Refinishing. Today, I am excited to delve into the world of TubcuT® Conversion, an innovative solution that is reshaping the way we think about bathroom accessibility and safety.

Why TubcuT® Conversion Matters

In our journey at A New Beginning Refinishing, we’ve encountered many clients facing challenges with traditional bathtubs. The high walls and slippery surfaces pose risks, especially for seniors and those with mobility issues. This is where the TubcuT® Conversion steps in as a game-changer, transforming standard tubs into walk-in showers without the need for a complete bathroom overhaul.

Customized to Your Needs

The standout feature of the TubcuT® Conversion is its customization. Unlike one-piece inserts that might feel out of place, the TubcuT® is tailored to fit your existing tub, ensuring a seamless integration into your bathroom’s aesthetic. This personalization allows us to meet the unique needs and styles of each homeowner, providing a solution that is both functional and visually appealing.

Enhanced Safety and Accessibility

With safety being a primary concern in bathroom design, the TubcuT® significantly lowers the entry barrier to just 4 inches above the floor. This reduced threshold minimizes the risk of slips and falls, making it easier and safer for everyone, especially those with limited mobility, to access the tub. The TubcuT® transforms a potential hazard into a secure and comfortable space.

The Unique Reversible Feature

One of the most distinctive aspects of the TubcuT® Conversion is its reversibility. It’s a feature that sets it apart in the market. If there comes a time when you wish to revert your tub back to its original state, it’s entirely possible with the TubcuT®. This reversible feature provides flexibility and reassurance that your investment is adaptable to changing needs and circumstances.

A Lifelong Commitment

Another significant aspect of the TubcuT® Conversion is the lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer. This warranty is a testament to the quality and durability of the product. It reflects our commitment to providing solutions that our clients can depend on for years to come.

Designed for Independence and Dignity

At A New Beginning Refinishing, we understand that maintaining independence in one’s home is crucial. The TubcuT® is designed with this in mind. It’s not just a functional modification; it’s about enabling individuals to bathe safely and with dignity. The TubcuT® becomes an integral part of your bathtub, preserving the familiar comfort of your bathroom while enhancing its safety and accessibility.

Affordability and Efficiency

One might assume that such a transformation would be costly and time-consuming, but the TubcuT® breaks these barriers. It offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative to full bathroom remodels. The installation process is swift, typically completed in about half a day, minimizing disruption to your daily life.

Adaptable to Various Tub Materials

The versatility of the TubcuT® extends to its compatibility with a range of bathtub materials, whether it be fiberglass, acrylic, steel, or cast iron. This adaptability ensures that almost any bathtub can be converted, making the TubcuT® a feasible option for a wide array of homes.

Empowering Homeowners

The TubcuT® Conversion empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their bathroom safety and accessibility. It provides a practical and aesthetic solution that caters to the present needs while being mindful of the future.

Looking Ahead

At A New Beginning Refinishing, we are constantly looking ahead, seeking ways to enhance our services and product offerings. The TubcuT® Conversion is a reflection of this commitment – a commitment to innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, the TubcuT® Conversion is more than just a bathroom modification; it’s a step towards safer, more accessible living spaces. It represents a blend of safety, functionality, and style, catering to the needs of a diverse clientele. At A New Beginning Refinishing, we are proud to offer the TubcuT® as a solution that brings peace of mind and independence to homeowners. It’s not just about modifying a space; it’s about transforming lives.

Kristy Gaudin Owner, A New Beginning Refinishing

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