Our Epoxy Refinishing


Our Epoxy Casting Material and Service at A New Beginning Refinishing, LLC. & The TubcuT®

Casting is the latest and greatest in bathroom refurbishment! This unique synthetic high gloss porcelain resin is poured over the tub or shower surface, which not only provides excellent adhesion for this permanent coating, but is about five times thicker than traditional spray refinishing. A slip resistant additive is able to be installed before the casting material fully cures making it a permanent part of the tub surface.

Casting coating is 5X thicker than traditionally sprayed on coatings. It’s so thick it will never peel, chip, or flake like traditionally resurfaced substrates. It has a 24-hour cure time which is the same as most sprayed on coatings.

Our casting material is also categorized as 100% solids and contains no solvents. There is nothing else on the market quite like it. When the permanent synthetic porcelain is expertly applied by our trained technicians, it has no odor, and a VOC
of near 0! Since the coating is poured on (not sprayed), there are no airborne particles, no dust, no solvents, and nothing to breathe in. This makes the product compliant with most green initiatives! We do not cut corners when it comes to workmanship, customer service, and especially safety! The Epoxy Casting Material Service comes with a 5-Year Warranty. This strong durable material is known for lasting over 20 years