Spot Repair and Spray Refinishing


Spot Repair and Bathtub, Shower and Sink Refinishing

An unsightly bathtub can be the bane of any homeowner’s existence. A chipped, stained bathtub, shower or sink can weigh on your mood every day, as well as decrease the value of your home. It beckons your attention every time you enter your bathroom, but the process of replacing fixtures in your home can seem like a burden. For example, the expenses that come with a new tub — such as installation fees, disposing of your old tub and more — cause many homeowners to drag their feet on addressing their old, worn-out bathtub.

And many homeowners are left wondering: “Do I have to replace my old fixture?”

Luckily, replacement isn’t your only option. You actually have a few options when it comes to revamping your unappealing fixture. One of them is Spot Repairs and Spray Refinishing. A New Beginning Refinishing, LLC. can provide this service for you!

You can find DIY kits for refinishing your fixture, but most professionals advise against this option. DIY refinishing requires you to apply a special chemical coating using a brush or roller, which can leave you with a painted, unprofessional finish instead of the refinished look you desire. With our professional Spot Repair and Refinish Service, an experienced technician will professionally clean sand the old fixture, completely removing the existing finish either in the spot being repaired or on a larger surface as needed. He or she will fill in any cracks or chips, and apply a new coating with a sprayer, matching the existing color of the fixture flawlessly. This is completed in several stages, and the result will be a fresh, glossy and smooth surface.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Spot Repair and Spray Refinishing:

  • Advantages: The cost of refinishing is lower than the cost of a full fixture replacement. A refinished bathtub can last for about 20 years if you care for it properly, which can be longer than the lifespan of a brand-new bathtub. For potential clients who are builders, contractors, or rental owners, the Spot Repair and Spray Refinish Service is usually the most perfect, low cost solution you are looking for to create a quality fresh new look in a damaged or outdated bathroom!
  • Disadvantages: Refinished fixtures require special care, so you should avoid using harsh chemicals to clean a newly surfaced unit. Use only mild, nonabrasive and non-bleach cleaning products. If you aren’t careful, the glossy finish of your refinished fixture could become dull over time, reducing the number of years you enjoy it.

The disadvantages are few! If you read all about our Spot Repair and Refinish Service option and you agree, this service offering may be right for you!

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